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秋澤 淳Dr. Atsushi Akisawa
Cogeneration systems (electricity/heat); Heat-driven refrigerators; Waste heat, Solar energy & Heat collecting devices. (BASE -123)
2022/4-2023/3: Dean of Grad. School BASE
池上 貴志Dr. Takashi IkegamiEnergy Management; Renewable energy on a large scale; System analysis methods; Simulation. >>Group. (BASE -128)
銭 衛華Dr. Eika W. QianConversion for “energy” materials: Biofuel oil & biomaterials from biomass; Hydrocarbons from fossil fuels & vegetable oils using catalysts >>Group (#1 -115)
伏見 千尋Dr. Chihiro FushimiThermochemical conversion for carbon-based resources; Flow/Reaction analysis of fluidized-bed. >>Group (#4 -322) 2023/4- Department Head
長津 雄一郎
Dr. Yuichiro Nagatsu, InterviewLiquid phase reactive flow for environment & energy applications. *Former JST-Presto“Sakigake”Researcher >>Group. (#4 -317)
神谷 秀博Dr. Hidehiro KamiyaStructure & surface state of nanoparticles; Sintering; Materials, environmental & energy applications. Book: 基礎粉体工学 (BASE -223)
2020/4-2024/3: TUAT Executive Vice-President
嘉治 寿彦Dr. Toshihiko KajiElectronic & optical properties of semiconductor; Organic thin film solar cells; Crystallinity; Nanostructures >>Group (#4 -420)
桜井 誠Dr. Makoto SakuraiProcess Intensification; Microchemical processes; Unsteady operations; Sustainable energy conversion; Fine bubbles. >>Group (#4 -319)
大橋 秀伯Dr. Hidenori OhashiMaterial system based on molecular motions; Mobility properties; Separation technology; Membranes. (#4 -318)
山下 善之Dr. Yoshiyuki Yamashita“Smart” chemical industry; Production with efficiently & safely; Operation & control of chemical plants; Artificial Intelligence, Optimization, Simulations >>Group (#13 -804)
北島 禎二Dr. Teiji KitajimaProduction system for chemical process industry (#1 -1F)
金 尚弘Dr. Sanghong Kim. (2021/3) Rationalizing process/modeling, design, monitoring, control and optimization; Based on manufacturing data. (#4 -316)
神谷 憲児Dr. Kenji Kamiya (2022/4)Inorganic/Organic Chemistry, CO2–CO Conversion 工学研究院、工学府、工学部 (#1 -1F)
徳山 英昭Dr. Hideaki TokuyamaPolymer gel materials; Environmental/energy/pharmaceutical- processes; Adsorptive separation, Catalyst carriers, Drug-release. >>Group (#1 -215)
滝山 博志Dr. Hiroshi Takiyama
> Interview
Crystallization operations; Pharmaceuticals and foods; Energy-related materials (battery). Book: 晶析 *Former Vice Dean Engineering. 2019/4-2020/3. Dept. Head (BASE -229)
甘利 俊太朗 Dr. Shuntaro AmariHeterogeneous Interface Engineering (BASE -227)
稲澤 晋Dr. Susumu InasawaKinetics of film formation via coating and drying routes; Gas-phase reactions to produce silicon. >>Group (BASE -232)
香取 浩子Dr. Hiroko Aruga-Katori > InterviewOrdering (phase transition) of magnetic materials; Entanglement of spins, crystal lattices, and electric charges. >> Group (#4 -508)
原口 祐哉Dr. Yuya Haraguchi (2019/3) Inorganic solid chemistry (#4 -5F)
畠山 温Dr. Atsushi Hatakeyama >>InterviewInteraction of spin polarized gas atoms with light, atoms, solid surfaces; Physics/Electrical engineering/Materials Science; Quantum measurement. Book: 量子力学 >>Group (#4 -437) 2020/4-2023/3: Department Head
浅川 寛太Dr. Kanta Asakawa (2019/10)Thin film and surface interface properties (#4 -4F)
箕田 弘喜Dr. Hiroki MinodaDevelopment of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM); Functions & structures of nano-materials; Biopolymers in dry & wet (#4 -509)
2023-: 学術研究支援総合センター長 / 機器分析施設長
宮地 悟代Dr. Godai MiyajiNanomaterial Control Technology by Ultrashort Pulsed Laser; Femto (10-15) seconds. (#4 -536)
室尾 和之Dr. Kazuyuki MurooLight properties beyond the limits of classical waves; Quantum teleportation. (#4 -532) 
森下 義隆Dr. Yoshitaka MorishitaPhotonics, quantum properties, semiconductors; Transparent conductive materials; Nonvolatile memory. (#4 -504)
清水 俊樹Dr. Toshiki Shimizu (2022/4)Imaging, Molecular Motion (#4 -5F)
蓮見 真彦Dr. Masahiko HasumiElectronics/electrical materials engineering. 学習支援室 (#5 -210)
ビスリDr. Satria Z. Bisri (2022/10)Quantum Materials and Energy-related Devices >>Group (#New-1 -N311)
清水 大雅Dr. Hiromasa Shimizu >InterviewOptical Isolators for Optical Integrated Circuits; Ultra-high sensitivity biosensors and gas sensors. >>Group (#New-1 -N313B)
レンゴロDr. Wuled Lenggoro >InterviewParticle/aerosol technology, Transport processes (mass/heat/fluid), Atmospheric environment, Food/agricultural studies. >>Group (BASE -224)
2023-2025: テニュアトラック推進機構長
寺田 昭彦Dr. Akihiko TeradaBioprocess using microbial communities; Energy-saving water treatment; Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 産業技術専攻を兼務 (#4 -320) >researchmap
2022-2024: 工学府・工学部教育委員長
利谷 翔平Dr. Shohei RiyaRecycling of waste resources; Fertilizer, Methane fermentation, Carbonization, Greenhouse gas, Soil. (#4 -321)
黒岩 恵Dr. Megumi Kuroiwa (2020/4)Isotope tracer; Nitrogen cycle (#4 -3F)
鮫島 俊之Dr. Toshiyuki Sameshima (2021)Electronics Device Engineering; Senior Teaching-Professor. (#New-1 -3F)
陳 奕廷Dr. Yiting ChenDivision of Language & Culture Studies 言語文化科学部門 (#12 -312)
石塚 政行Dr. Masayuki Ishizuka (2023)Division of Language & Culture Studies 言語文化科学部門 (#12 -XXX) researchmap
塚田 まゆみDr. Mayumi Tsukada(Technological special staff) 再雇用職員(技術専門員)(BASE -225)
坂内 香穂子Kahoko SakauchiDepartment’s Administrative Assistant 事務室(職員)(#4 -133)

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Former staffs (2019-2023):

Dr. Yukiko Mori 森 祐希子 (Division of Language & Culture Studies 言語文化科学部門) -2023/3

Dr. Shohei Yamashita 山下 翔平(2022/4-2023/3) 

Dr. Hiroyuki Tominaga (技術専門職員-2021/12)

Dr. Yohei Okada >> Then: Assoc. Prof. Institute of Agriculture TUAT 農学研究院

Dr. Genki Horiguchi >> Researcher, AIST 産業技術総合研究所

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