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Doctoral Presentation 公聴会 (2/16) 多形性と磁性に対する非磁性イオン置換効果. Substitution effects of nonmagnetic ions on polymorphism & magnetism

多形物質における結晶構造相の安定条件に磁性イオンが及ぼす影響とその磁性に着目し、Fe2GeO5の磁性イオンFe3+の一部を非磁性イオンAl3+で置換したAlxFe2-xGeFocusing on the effect of magnetic ions on the stability conditions of crystal structure phases in polymorphic materials and their magnetism, the synthesis and magnetic properties of AlxFe2-xGeO5, in which the magnetic ion Fe3+ in Fe2GeO5 is partially replaced by the nonmagnetic ion Al3+, were investigated.O5の合成及び磁性解明を行った。

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Doctoral Presentation 公聴会 (Feb.10) 多孔質体(植物繊維、土壌)中の流れの可視化と蒸発制御 Flow Visualization & Evaporation Control in Porous Media

#1. Transport of heated liquid mixtures with colloidal fluorescent particles through multiple biomass layers/ 加熱された複数バイオマス層を通るコロイド状蛍光粒子と液体の輸送
#2. A chemical coating of clay-based soil particles slows evaporation.

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Doctoral Presentations 公聴会 (2/7) 生体触媒固定化ゲル (Biocatalyst-immobilized hydrogels), 融液晶析 (Melt Crystallization), 結晶粒子の品質 (Quality of Crystalline Particles)

Fabrication of biocatalyst-immobilized macroporous hydrogels and their applications.
新たな固相創製のための核化促進を導入した融液晶析法 Melt Crystallization Method with Nucleation Enhancement for Development of New Solid Phase. 評価を利用した結晶粒子群の品質変更のための操作設計 Operation Design for Quality Modification of Crystalline Particles Using Homogeneity Evaluation