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Guest seminar (16 Dec.) Microbial reduction of N2O and applications. 亜酸化窒素を還元する細菌とその利用技術 (Prof. Sukhwan Yoon, KAIST)

N2Oを窒素まで還元できる細菌群は地球温暖化・オゾン層破壊を抑制するキープレイヤーとして注目が集まっている。Bacteria that can reduce N2O to nitrogen are attracting attention as key players in suppressing global warming and ozone layer destruction.

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11/13, Recorded seminar【録画】揮発性有機化合物を検出するセンサの開発と食エネ分野への応用 Development of a Sensor for “Energy & Food” Fields: Detecting Volatile Organic Compounds

揮発性有機化合物を検出するセンサの開発と食エネ分野への応用 Development of a Sensor to Detect Volatile Organic Compounds and Its Application to the Field of Energy and Food


Nov.15. Guest Seminar “Understanding particle interactions for advanced material applications” 先端材料応用のための粒子相互作用の理解 Prof. W. Peukert (Germany)

We review the current understanding of particle interactions and discuss approaches for better and in-depth understanding of the underlying principles. 粒子間相互作用の現在の理解をレビュ