Seminar (12/6) “Protecting the Earth with the Power of Microorganisms in Nitrogen Cycling”, Prof. S. Ishii; Soil, Water & Climate, U. Minnesota) 土、水、大気に存在する窒素酸化物除去のためのバイオテクノロジー応用


Special Lecture (in English)

by Prof. Satoshi Ishii (Univ. Minnesota)
U科先端セミナー 石井聡先生(ミネソタ大学)
Department of Soil, Water, and Climate, University of Minnesota

Biotechnological Application for Removal of Nitrogen Oxides Present in Soil, Water and Atmosphere



場所:小金井キャンパス 講義棟 L0013

講演は英語で行われます。お問い合わせは寺田(akte @まで。



To support the population growth of the 21st century, increasing food production is an urgent challenge. On the other hand, as the production and consumption of fertilizers increase, many reactive nitrogen compounds flow into the soil, water, and air, leading to eutrophication, drinking water pollution, and an increase in greenhouse gases. Soil and water-dwelling microbial communities are responsible for suppressing the progression of such nitrogen-related environmental problems and supporting the healthy circulation of nitrogen compounds. In this lecture, we will invite Prof. Satoshi Ishii of the University of Minnesota, who is a world leader in environmental microbiology of nitrogen cycling, to give a lecture on the role of microorganisms in reducing the burden of nitrogen compounds that are excessively present in soil, water, and air, and the technologies using them.