PhD open seminar 博士公聴会 Mercury and Antimony in Mining Regions 鉱山地域における水銀とアンチモン (5/10)

Distribution, Emission and Transformation of Mercury and Antimony in Typical Mining Regions


by ZHAO Shuting (Terada Lab)

2024/5/10 14:45-16:15 Building 4 (3F) Koganei campus.

Sources of Hg in soils


Zhao, S., Terada, A., Nakamura, K., Nakashima, M., Komai, T., Riya, S., Hosomi, M.,
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Zhao, S., Shi, T., Terada, A. Riya, S. (2022). Evaluation of Pollution Level, Spatial
Distribution, and Ecological Effects of Antimony in Soils of Mining Areas: A Review.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 20.1 (2022): 242
(Chapter 2)

Zhao, S., Terada, A., Nakashima, M., Komai, T., Riya, S., Hosomi, M., & Hou, H.
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under air and nitrogen bubbling conditions. Environmental Science and Pollution
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Reference articles
Qin, Z., Zhao, S., Shi, T., Zhang, F., Pei, Z., Wang, Y., & Liang, Y. (2022).
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