Interview with a student. 学科を選んだ理由は?




Full interview:

“I have loved science experiments since I was a junior high school student. I went to an SSH (Super Science High School) designated high school because I wanted to work in the future where I could do R&D. I wanted to go to TUAT because of the GIYSE program, which I participated in when I was a sophomore in high school. During the “Lab Stage” of the program, I worked with professors and graduate students at TUAT to study a cyclical treatment system based on methane fermentation. This experience made me want to do research here. The spacious, wooded campus of this university was just ideal for me because I wanted to study freely at a university with a relaxed atmosphere. The Department of Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering was another attraction that no other university had because it allowed me to delve into both chemistry and physics.”


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